Woodfire Evo LD inset boiler stoves

Woodfire Evo LD inset boiler stoves have vertical-lift doors that slide up and into the wall to open. As an elegant solution that makes sure that the door is out of the way when it is opened this also allows you to use the stove like an open fire should you so wish. Evo LD stoves are efficient woodburning boiler stoves able to run central heating and provide hot water for washing.

Model HeightWidthDepthEfficiencyNominal Heat OutputNominal Output to WaterNominal Output to Room
Woodfire Evo 20 LD1090mm809mm555mm80%20kW16kW4kW
Woodfire Evo 30 LD1090mm929mm607mm80%30kW24kW6kW
Woodfire Evo 30 LD Panorama1140mm1229mm555mm80%30kW24kW6kW

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