Welcome to Woodfire Stoves

Woodfire stoves are strongly built wood burning boiler stoves that are designed to provide domestic hot water and central heating in an efficient, clean and sustainable way. They have a wide range of models that cover both insert and free standing stoves.

Woodfire stoves represent a new generation of EcoDesign 2020 ready boiler stoves that are purpose built for high output log burning. All the models are compatible with pressurised systems and come with overheat safety valves as standard. With large airwashed windows and a clean, modern design they fit perfectly into any living room and become the hub of a 21st century energy system. Woodfire stoves are able to provide the full heating needs of a house and can easily link up with a back up conventional oil or gas boiler. They can combine with solar panels and an accumulator tank to make a year round sustainable and money saving heating system that is straightforward and easy to use.

ecodesign Ready 2020